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Information on application for listing as Progressive Wage Model (PWM) firms under Contractors Registration System (CRS)

To meet the requirements under Government Procuring Entities (GPEs)’ contracts on adopting the Progressive Wage Model (PWM), lift maintenance contractors are to apply for listing as PWM firms under the Contractor Registration System (CRS) Workhead for Lift & Escalator Installation (ME09) administered by BCA. These PWM firms will be identified in the BCA Directory.

Firms, applying to be PWM firms under ME09 Workhead, are required to map their lift maintenance personnel who are Singapore Residents (i.e. Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents) onto the relevant PWM wage levels based on their competencies or job roles.

These details are to be included in the application documents (application form and PWM report) to be submitted to BCA, together with any other documents that may be required to support the application. Firms shall submit the application to bca_lescheme@bca.gov.sg.

To continue to be registered as a PWM firm on ME09 Workhead in the subsequent years, the wages of the Singapore resident lift maintenance personnel will have to be progressively adjusted to meet higher basic wage thresholds, until they eventually meet the full wage levels under the PWM framework. At the same time, firms should also train and build up the capability and competency level of the lift maintenance personnel. Details on the transition timeline will be provided at a later date.

For enquiries and assistance on the application of the listing, please send your enquiry or feedback through our feedback form or call 1800-3425222 (1800-DIAL BCA).

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