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Home Safety
  Children and the elderly are often prone to accidents in the home. However, many of these accidents can be prevented by improving safety within the home. This section provides some useful tips on making the home a safer place for members of the family.
Home Safety and Child-Proofing Your Home
Children are naturally curious and may not know the dangers that are obvious to
  adults. Click here for some preventive actions that can be taken to minimise the risk of various types of accidents and to baby-proof your home.
Safer Homes for the Elderly
Elderly people are more prone to serious injuries when they fall. Accidents such
  as falls in the home can usually be prevented. Click here for some steps that may be taken to prevent accidents and make your home more elderly-friendly.
Electrical and Gas Safety
Electricity and gas are used at home as part of our daily lives. It is therefore
  important to cultivate safe habits when using electricity and gas. Click on the following links for some important tips on electrical safety and gas safety.




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