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Housing & Development Board (HDB)
  HDB, a statutory board that provide affordable homes of high quality and to promote the building of communities in Singapore.
Building & Construction Authority (BCA)
  The BCA is a statutory board under the auspices of Singapore's Ministry of National Development. The primary role of BCA is to develop and regulate Singapore's building and construction industry.
Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
  The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is Singapore's national planning authority. It has a crucial role in planning the nation's future. It prepares long-range, as well as more detailed, local area plans for physical development and then co-ordinates and guides efforts to bring these plans to reality.
Board of Architects (BOA)
  The Board of Architects is the statutory authority established to administer the Architects Act in Singapore. The Architects Act 1991 sets out provisions to provide for the registration of architects, the regulation of architectural qualifications, the practice of architecture by registered individuals and the supply of architectural services by corporations.
Public Utilities Board (PUB)
  PUB, a statutory board that help to secure an adequate supply of water at affordable cost.
Energy Market Authority (EMA)
  Set up on 1 April 2001 to drive the liberalised electricity and gas industries in Singapore and facilitate fair play in the industries.
Singapore Power Limited
  Singapore's leading electricity and piped gas company.
Renovation And Decoration Advisory Centre (RADAC)
  The Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre (RADAC) is set up as a watchdog non-profit making voluntary body to provide greater controls in the renovation industry as well as to educate consumers on renovation issues.







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