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Pointers For Homeowners - Security
Having plans to renovate your home? Before that, you should bear in mind some considerations on physical security in securing your home against break-ins. After all, a home is where you and your love ones live and where you keep your possessions. Any renovation plan should include crime prevention measures for physical protection.

Imagine the loss and damage should a break-in happen to you, in addition to the hassle and inconvenience. So make it difficult for house-breakers to strike. In incorporating physical security measures to your renovation plans, you would not be giving criminals any opportunity to strike. We recommend some security measures you could adopt to protect your home as follows:
Physical Protection
- Main doors should be of solid construction and fitted with a good quality mortise lock with dead bolting feature (where a key is needed to lock and unlock the door).
- Reinforce all doors with iron grille gates together with metal clasp and a close-shackle padlock.
- Fix door viewer, a latch chain and surface latches on all the main doors.
- Install iron grilles with good quality key-operated locks for all windows.
- Install a good burglar alarm.
Crime Risk Survey

If you want a Crime Risk Survey to be conducted for your home, please contact our Crime Prevention Officer (CPO) at your local police station. Our CPO will inspect your home and give you advice on the security features of your homes and suggest ways they can be improved. The service is provided free-of-charge.

For more information, visit the Singapore Police Force website at www.spf.gov.sg or the National Crime Prevention Council website at www.ncpc.gov.sg


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