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Resolving Disputes

If you have any disputes with your contractor(s), you should:

  • communicate with him to convey your discontentment;
  • discuss with him on the possible solutions and give him time to rectify the work;
  • try to reach an amicable solution.

If you still cannot resolve the disputes with your contractor(s), you can seek help from the following organsiations:

Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE)

The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) was established in 1971, to protect and enhance consumer's interest through information and education, and to promote an environment of fair and ethical trade practices.

If you have a dispute with a retailer over consumer goods and services and you have not been able to resolve the matter with the retailer, you may visit CASE office and register your complaint. CASE gives suggestions on consumer problems and helps aggrieved members obtain redress.

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Small Claims Tribunal

The Small Claims Tribunals are part of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore. The Tribunals were established on the 1st of February 1985, to provide a quick and inexpensive forum for the resolution of small claims between consumers and suppliers.

The Tribunals have jurisdiction to hear claims not exceeding $10,000, where the claims relate to disputes arising from:

  1. a contract for sales of goods; or
  2. a contract for the provision of service; or
  3. tortuous damage to property (not including damage arising in connection with motor vehicles)

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