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(updated 30 May 2022)

1. What is foreign worker's identity verification?

Foreign worker's identity verification is a session for all new foreign workers under the Construction Sector, who passed their skills test overseas to report to Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to have their identity verified and their In-Principle Approval (IPA) for Work Permit Letter endorsed by the Authority, before proceeding to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for issuance of their Work Permit Card.

2. When should a foreign worker report for identity verification?

A new foreign worker is required to report to BCA for identity verification within 2 weeks upon his arrival in Singapore.

3. Who can apply for foreign worker's identity verification?

Only the employer of the foreign worker as indicated on the IPA, an authorized staff or an authorized MOM licensed employment agency, who is either a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident with a valid SingPass can apply for the foreign worker’s identity verification.

4. Where can I apply for foreign worker's identity verification?

The foreign worker’s Employer, an authorized staff or an authorized MOM licensed employment agency may apply for foreign worker’s identity verification online via BCA website:

Online Application
24 hours
ORV system would only display the schedule dates and the available slots for the upcoming 3 weeks

5. What are the documents required for application of foreign worker's identity verification?

Online Application

6. How much is the application fees for foreign worker’s identity verification?

Type of Applications Application Fees (Including GST)
Online Application S$34.00
*BCA reserves the right to change the fees without prior notice.

7. When will my application be processed?

Your applications would be processed within 10 working days.

8. When will I receive the notification of my appointment time slot?

We will no longer send email on the appointment time slot. Upon successful booking, please bring the workers on the selected appointment date during the operating hours.

Operating hours:
Monday – Friday, except for Public Holidays
8.30am – 12.30pm, last payment at 12noon

9. How do I make payment?

Please produce the letter of confirmation (Confirmation Collection) for payment on the day of appointment. Please note the location of the Payment Counter below and note that only e-payment (i.e. NETS, Debit and Credit Card) are available.

NETS, Debit & Credit Card
Payment at Verification Counter
200 Braddell Road BCA Academy
Block C Level 1 Singapore 579700

GIRO payment mode is not available.

10. What are the documents to bring for foreign worker's identity verification on the scheduled verification date?

The Employer's representative is required to bring the foreign worker together with the following documents:

  • Collection Confirmation Letter
    To tick off the check box(es) and confirm all the worker(s) coming for the appointment and have their name(s) printed in a single Collection Confirmation Letter
  • Physical employee’s copy (page 1) of In-Principle Approval Letter (IPA)
  • Worker’s Physical Passport

11. What if worker is late or did not turn up for identity verification?

The application will be voided. The foreign worker's Employer, an authorized staff or an authorized MOM licensed employment agency will have to re-apply for the worker’s identity verification.

12. Can I request for refund if I have applied verification for the wrong worker or booked a wrong verification date?

No refund is allowed under all circumstances as the preparation work for verification for the worker will commence upon registration.

13. My worker's IPA is expiring, and I am unable to book an appointment date for identity verification on ORV, what can I do?

If the worker’s IPA is expiring soon, you could submit for IPA extension in WPOL within 1 week before it expires.

14. There are no more slots in ORV, what can I do?

Please be informed that the ORV system displays the schedule dates and the available slots for the upcoming 3 weeks. Upcoming and available appointment date(s) are updated on the ORV website daily. Applicants can select a later date if their preferred dates are unavailable.

The ORV users can always prepare their applications in advance, by saving their worker’s record and supporting as draft in ORV, thereafter, once the new slots are available, they would secure the slots immediately using their application numbers in booking.

15. My application is rejected can I request to retain my original verification date?

Please ensure all details entered in the application are accurate to avoid rejection in the ORV application. Applications with incomplete supporting documents will not be accepted. Upon rejection of ORV application, please book the next available slot.

16. Who can I call for assistance?

For any clarification, please send your enquiries to http://www.bca.gov.sg/feedbackform.