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Construction Safety Orientation Course

All workers in the construction industry are required to attend and pass the Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC) to ensure that they have attained key knowledge to work safely.

With effect from 01 May 2013, MOM/WSHC requires all construction workers to attend an enhanced two-day course incorporating a new practical training and assessment component.

New foreign workers joining the construction industry are now able to enrol for CSOC at the BCA approved Overseas Testing Centres (OTCs) so that they can be trained and assessed in their home country before arriving in Singapore. Employers are also able to deploy their workers immediately upon their arrival in Singapore.

Workers who have passed the CSOC will be exempted from the Work-at-Heights (Workers) course, unless required by the employer.

BCA Overseas Testing Centers (OTCs) Offering Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC)

Country Name of OTC
PRC Hangzhou Test Centre
Jinan Test Centre
Nanjing Test Centre
Shenyang Test Centre
India (Chennai) Hytech Goodwill Training and Testing Centre
Koon Seng Construction (India) Pvt Ltd
TAC Resources (India) Pvt Ltd
TTJ Test Centre
Bangladesh (Dhaka) Comfort Delgro-Setsco Test Centre
Fonda Test Centre
Lian Beng's (Bangladesh) Test Centre
Progressive Builders Pte Ltd
Santarli's STL Test Centre
Singapore Piling South Point Test Centre
Welltech Test Centre
Myanmar (Yangon) Htet OO- Teambuild Training and Testing Centre
Thailand Chiangmai Testing Centre (Chiangmai)
Thai Pattana Test Centre (Udon Thani)

OTC Contact Details:https://www.bca.gov.sg/otc/otc_main.html