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To achieve the outcomes of the Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM), workforce development plays a crucial role to support and catalyse industry transformation. BCA has been embarking on comprehensive workforce development efforts to (i) attract and retain talent, (ii) develop skills and competencies and (iii) uplift jobs.

Leadership development is a critical part of workforce development efforts. Whilst the Skills Framework being developed with the respective Trade Association and Chambers aims to chart vertical skills, deepen technical competencies and map progression pathways for key Built Environment Professions, a robust leadership development framework will develop the cross-cutting skills required to drive and sustain industry wide transformation through collaboration.


The iBuildSG LEAD (Leadership Engagement And Development) framework is designed to enhance the transformative capacity of the Built Environment sector, by building a core group of committed and enlightened leaders through 3 key approaches:

  1. At industry level, the framework builds collective stewardship and develops leadership networks to foster strong collaboration across the construction value chain.
  2. At firm level, the framework supports firms in developing talent and mapping their leadership renewal in order to be more globally competitive.
  3. At individual level, the framework grooms individuals to advance the sector and recognises those with outstanding contributions.

Strategic Thrusts

Aimed at identifying, advancing and investing in leaders for the BE sector, the leadership development framework which is co-owned and co-developed with the industry will be anchored on 5 strategic thrusts, with each thrust having corresponding benefits to firms and individuals. The 5 strategic thrusts are, Long-term, Engage, Align, Develop, Recognise (LEADER):

  1. The "Long-term" thrust includes a mentorship scheme and building up of a Built Environment Case Study Repository to co-create a lasting legacy for the sector. Providing individuals opportunities to give back to the sector by mentoring others and benefiting firms by supporting leadership succession.
  2. The "Engage" thrust seeks to connect leaders and facilitate collaborative engagement via events such as the iBuildSG LEAD Summit, networking events and learning journeys.
  3. The "Align" thrust seeks to align Built Environment Leaders and policy makers to catalyse sector transformation, with opportunities for leaders to participate in policy making via platforms such as Policy Forums and iBuildSG Study Teams.
  4. The "Develop" thrust hones leadership capabilities and provides a platform for developing horizontal skills and leadership capabilities via structured training programs which are co-created and co-delivered with our partner institutions.
  5. The "Recognise" thrust celebrates and promotes the achievements of BE Leaders through various recognition platforms.

The framework recognises and celebrates 3 levels of leaderships specific to the Built Environment sector and they consist of individuals across the entire construction value chain:

  1. Future Leaders
    Future leaders comprise iBuildSG Scholarship and sponsorship recipients who are committed to personal development and participation in Trade Association and Chambers or industry events.

  2. Young Leader
    This group consists of firm-nominated young leaders below age 35, with good project track record, who are committed to groom enterprise and are actively involved in Trade Association and Chambers of industry committees.

  3. Senior Leaders
    These are leaders in senior management positions in their respective firms, with strong professional recognition and track record. They are committed to groom the sector and take on leadership roles in Trade Association and Chambers or industry committees.

The iBuildSG LEAD Framework is co-owned by industry and developed jointly with the pertinent Trade Associations and Chambers, supported by the Professional Boards.

Structured training programmes within the framework are supported by SSG & EDB under the SkillsFuture Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) for BE Sector.

There will be three leadership building platforms within the framework:


Insights@LEAD presents excellent opportunities for leaders from the industry to build a shared vision for the Built Environment and engage in collective learning and talent development.

LEAD Pinnacle Event

  • iBuildSG LEAD Summit

LEAD Engagements

  • Policy Dialogues
  • LEAD Learning Journeys

LEAD Knowledge Building Initiatives

  • LEAD Case Development Initiative
  • iBuildSG Study Teams

LEAD Pinnacle Event
iBuildSG LEAD Summit The LEAD Summit is an annual retreat for leaders within the framework leading to the BCA-Industry Work Plan Seminar. The summit will feature dialogue session with Political Office Holders or Public Sector Chief Executives who will share their thinking behind national business, related policies, economic trends and directions, and policy formulations, among others.
There will also be networking sessions and keynote sessions by thought leaders.
LEAD Engagements
Policy Dialogue Policy Dialogues provide leaders with opportunities to be engaged on challenging Built Environment issues and to give their inputs on policies and to ensure coherence, alignment and action across policy priorities, engagement plans, and strategic communications.
LEAD Learning Journeys Tailored for members of the LEAD Framework to build capability via experimental learning. Includes local and overseas learning journeys in areas of enterprise leadership, internationalisation, innovation leadership etc.
LEAD Initiatives
LEAD Case Development Initiative LEAD Case Development Initiative will focus on case study development to work on channelling experience and wisdom into case studies to be shared with industry for collective learning. The case studies will involve senior mentors or resource persons from the industry, with young leaders as understudies, supported by case writers or facilitators. Industry partners will also be called upon to collaborate on strategic platforms for wider sharing & dissemination of the case studies via lectues, publications and a web portal repository.
iBuildSG Study Teams The iBuildSG Study Teams are formed to jointly identify and study contemporary or pertinent issues facing the BE. This initiative also allows teams to work collectively through interdisciplinary groups to address critical parts within the value chain.
The iBuildSG Study Teams will be encapsulated into the Horizon Programme and also use the iBuildSG LEAD Summit as a platform to showcase their findings.

LEAD Horizon Programme

Designed for emerging leaders, the LEAD Horizon Programme aims to cultivate and broaden their outlook through innovative mindset and agility as well as commercial awareness whilst building personal effectiveness.

This programme is developed in partnership with the Singapore Management University (SMU) and the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). It is also aligned to the SkillsFuture Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) championed by SkillsFuture Singapore and Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to develop the next generation of Singapore business leaders.

Executive Development Programme Innovation Bootcamp
Target Audience Emerging leaders and iBuildSG scholars
Programme outcomes
  • Instill an innovation mindset to drive changes in the construction industry through digitalization and system practices

  • Build a cohesive and effective team through understanding own weaknesses and strengths in self-leadership and communication skills with strategic use of resources at disposal.

  • Develop an entrepreneur mindset through sharpening financial acumen and developing awareness on market orientation.
  • Develop innovation leadership and adopt an innovative problem solving approach through hands-on design thinking workshop.
For more details, click on the link to contact us. SMU-BCA iBuildSG LEAD Horizon Executive Development Programme SUTD-BCA iBuildSG LEAD Horizon Innovation Bootcamp

The LEAD Horizon Programme consists of an Executive Development Programme (EDP) and a workshop-based Innovation Bootcamp. Participants must complete both components to be deemed to have completed the LEAD Horizon Programme.

LEAD Milestone Programme

Designed for enterprise-level leaders-to-be, the LEAD Milestone Programme includes local and overseas modules to strengthen enterprise foundations, sustain business effectiveness and accelerate enterprise growth, with an outcome to harness transformation capacity for improved organisational excellence and advancement of the built environment sector.

This programme is developed in partnership with the Singapore Management University (SMU) and a premier overseas partner institute. It is also aligned to the SkillsFuture Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) championed by SkillsFuture Singapore and Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to develop the next generation of Singapore business leaders.

Advanced Management Programme Overseas Modules
Global Perspectives Overseas Immersion
Target Audience Middle to Senior leaders of the Built Environment Sector
Programme outcomes
  • To develop collaborative leadership in the digital age through adopting a multi-stakeholder approach.

  • To ensure a sustainable growth of firm through business development, strategic brand management and foresight in retention of talents for succession.

  • To bring about exponential growth in business through internationalization, building professional relationship and understanding cross-cultural management while mitigating risk and crisis.

  • To harness digital technology and to develop a strategic foresight in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous construction environment for transformation of industry.
  • To build capacity for internationalization by acquiring skills and knowledge in innovation management and leadership as well as by developing strategic foresight to accelerate global growth.
  • To explore regional growth and future collaboration in high growth regions (e.g. Belt and Road initiatives) through best-in-class overseas visits (e.g. China, India)
For more details, click on the link to contact us SMU-BCA iBuildSG Milestone Advanced Management Programme Imperial College London-BCA Executive Development Programme on DfMA and IDD Leadership iBuildSG LEAD Milestone Overseas Immersion

The LEAD Milestone Programme consists of an Advanced Management Programme (AMP) and two overseas modules focusing on Global Perspectives and Overseas Immersion. Participants must complete all three components to be deemed to have completed the LEAD Milestone Programme.