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The BCA Quality Mark (QM) for good workmanship scheme was launched in 2002 to meet the rising expectations of homeowners for quality homes. It sets the standard for workmanship quality in homes. Since its implementation, more than 78,500 residential units/homes have been assessed or committed for assessment.

Which Projects are Assessed?

The QM scheme is open to all new private residential projects e.g. condominium, cluster housing, terrace housing, bungalow, and residential units in a mixed development, etc.  Participation by developers in the scheme is voluntary. 

Scope of Assessment

The QM scheme measures the quality of workmanship in each newly completed residential unit. The assessment covers all internal finishes like floor, wall and ceiling finishes, architectural components and fittings like doors, windows, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, vanity tops, bathtubs, water closets, shower screens and basins, and M & E fittings and switches. In addition the assessment will include water ponding test for bathrooms.  Water –tightness tests on windows are optional.

Those units that meet the minimum workmanship quality standard will each be issued a Quality Mark (QM) certificate. Any unit that fails to do so will not be issued the certificate.  The QM certificate certifies the condition of the unit at the time of inspection.

The assessment does not cover quality of material or issues of design or aesthetic preferences.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment is based on a combination of visual assessment and measurement by tools to verify compliance to tolerances and standards set in the set out in the manual -- "CONQUAS -- The BCA Construction Quality Assessment System".

Benefits of Quality Mark

The homeowner can generally expect better quality homes if the project is QM certified compared to non-certified homes. A QM home provides the assurance that the unit has been thoroughly assessed and meets the minimum standards of good workmanship as specified under the scheme.

The BCA Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS)

CONQUAS was developed by the Building and Construction Authority in co-operation with major public sector agencies and various leading industry professional bodies to measure workmanship quality in public and private building projects. CONQUAS is the de facto national quality yardstick for the industry and has been fine-tuned periodically to keep pace with changes in technology and quality demands.

CONQUAS was designed to:
  • Have a standard quality assessment system to benchmark quality of construction projects.

  • Measure quality of constructed works against workmanship standards and specification.

  • Improve quality standards of Singapore's construction industry.
CONQUAS covers three main components of building works:
  • Structural works – this covers the structural integrity and helps to safeguard building users’ safety.

  • Architectural works – this deals with the aesthetics of the building such as finishes and components. This is the part where the quality and standard of workmanship are most visible.

  • Mechanical & Electrical works – this concerns performance of selected mechanical and electrical services and installations to ensure building users’ comfort.
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