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Resolving Disputes

Homeowners involved in a dispute with other parties (such as neighbours, contractors and developers etc) can seek resolution through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) channels such as mediation. An overview of the ADR options can be found here.

Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes. There are various organisations that offer mediation services, e.g. Singapore Mediation Centre and Community Mediation Centre (CMC).

In particular, the CMC provides cost-effective community mediation, with a one-time only $5 administration fee. Examples of disputes which are suitable for mediation at CMC include:

  • Neighbours - encroachment into private property
  • Neighbours - nuisance caused by private property structure
  • Neighbours - nuisance caused by water leakage in private property
  • Neighbours - nuisance caused by renovation of private property
  • MCST/MA and neighbouring private property owner - nuisance involving private property
  • Private property owner and property developer - over defects or rectification
  • Private property owner and neighbour's builder/developer over construction and/ or renovation matters

You can also read more about cases mediated at CMC here.