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World’s First High-Rise Rotatable Laboratory for the Tropics

A Collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The BCA SkyLab is a state-of-the-art rotatable test facility pivotal to developing innovative energy efficient building technologies. The facility is modelled after the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s FLEXLAB (Facility for Low Energy Experiments in Buildings).

Key Features

Comprehensive Plug and Play Testing Capabilities

Covering a floor area of about 132 m2, the test facility is capable of testing a wide range of energy efficiency technologies, including ACMV (e.g. chilled beam, UFAD, etc.), lighting (e.g. addressable LED, day-lighting, etc.), facade (e.g. Low-E glazing, sun shading, etc), plug load and control strategies. It adopts a plug-and-play concept, allowing quantitative assessment of technologies in individual or combined configurations.

It features two configurable test compartments (i.e. the reference cell and the test cell) that enable study of design solutions and performance validation of technologies, against a base setup or benchmark code.

Rotatable Outdoor Facility in Real-World Conditions

A unique feature of the test facility is its rotatable platform system. This allows the study of the performance of building systems, building energy use and indoor environmental parameters change in a variety of orientations relative to the sun.Such studies are potentially useful for studies in cooling, lighting and shading strategies. The BCA SkyLab will be located on the roof top to avoid being blocked by neighbouring buildings.

Platform for Knowledge Sharing and Sample Demonstration

To engage the industry and researchers, a dedicated lounge and demonstration space is set up for sharing of knowledge, and to demonstrate the performance of technologies tested.

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