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*NEW* Refreshed Template for EPSS Building Projects Onsite Productivity Submission from 19 January Onwards
Referring to the email sent on 30 November, all submissions for Building projects onsite productivity submission must follow the new template attached in the email. For more information, please refer to the email..
Implementation of Corppass Login from 9 June 2023
With effect from 9 June 2023, users will be able to login and access the ePSS website via Corppass Login. If you do not have a Singpass (business user) account yet, kindly contact your company’s Corppass Administrator(s) to request for the necessary authorisation.

To ease the transition, there will be a grace period of 2 weeks (till 26 June) to allow users to continue to access ePSS via existing login method. Thereafter, only Corppass Login method would be available.
Please beware of malware stealing login credentials saved in internet browsers. Stay vigilant against malicious emails that can infect devices with malware. Keep software and security patches up-to-date. Never disclose your passwords and 2FA details to others.

Please do not click on any links if you receive SMSes that appear to be from BCA.

Please be assured that BCA will never ask or request for anyone’s personal details via SMS notifications and / or automated phone messages. For any queries / feedback, please visit bca.gov.sg/feedbackform/

If you have any feedback or suggestion to improve ePSS submission, we'll be glad to hear from you. Do email us at BCA_EPSS@bca.gov.sg
ePSS user account creation and password reset
Do you know that your firm’s ePSS Administrator can create new ePSS user accounts and help to reset the password?

Simply navigate to “Admin >> Users Admin”