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Biometric authentication system (BAS) can help builders submit their manpower data to ePSS efficiently.
If you have any queries or experience any technical difficulties using the ePSS, please contact us at Tel: 6804 4256 or email: BCA_EPSS@bca.gov.sg If you have any feedback or suggestion to improve ePSS submission, we'll be glad to hear from you.
Requirements for ePSS monthly submission
Did you know that the mandays for piling works (Building project) are not required to be included in the productivity data submitted via ePSS? If there are no mandays for a particular works or month, just click the button 'Submit'. You do not even need to key in "0". Do remember to provide the Monthly Progress Payment together with your submission of mandays.
ePSS Hands-on Training
To help users familiarise with the ePSS and its functions, BCA conducts regular hands-on training sessions (2 hrs) at Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL). If you wish to attend one of the training sessions, please register with SCAL.
FAQ and Troubleshooting
Having problem when you upload manpower report to ePSS? Please refer to ePSS FAQ for more information. If you encounter any difficulties with ePSS and would like to discuss with us face to face, please drop us an email to let us know! We can also arrange a meeting at your project site if it is more convenient to do so.