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Welcome to Building Maintenance & Strata Management e-submission portal. This portal is for:
  1. MCST to submit AGM form
  2. Submission of the yearly renewal of Lift and Escalator Permit To Operate
If you are a building owner or logging in on behalf on the building owner or MCST, please log in with your User ID and Password.

If you are logging in on behalf of a lift/escalator contractor or is an authorised examiner for lift/escalator, please log in using your Singpass.

If you need any assistant, please contact:

Permit to Operate matters

For other issues relating to lift or escalator

BMSM's Circulars for MCST's Information
  1. Circular on Amendments to the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA)
  2. Electronic Filing of AGM Information Of MCST issued on 1st November 2016.
  3. Installation of Safety Grilles at windows and Balconies of a lot - issued on 16 February 2015
  4. Advisory on Control of Renovation Works Involving Demolition of Non-structural Elements (other then floortiles) - issued on 14 January 2014
  5. Installation of Additional Safety Barrier/Grilles at Balcony of a lot - issued on 12 April 2013